Because real estate is a little different than most products we shop for, the Guarantee has to be a little different too. I can't guarantee the condition of the home, set the seller's price, or promise that your dream home will be available and on the market when you are ready. But I can make the following service guarantees when you work with me:

  • I will never try to sell you a house you don't want. - My worst nightmare is having my clients wake up in their new home and think to themselves "That darn Realtor talked me into this house that I hate." It makes your life harder, ruins my reputation, and usually results in wasted time and money for everyone involved. That's bad news bears and I am not about that life. 


  • My mission is that you are educated and informed of every step along the way before you ever sign anything. This means getting on the same page about things like timelines, appraisals, post-closing possession, and the other millions of moving pieces that are put in motion from the day your offer is accepted to the day you close. I can't promise that we won't experience hiccups along the way, but I can promise that you'll be well informed of possible snags and be completely prepared for them should they arise.


  • I communicate.... like a lot. - Year after year national surveys show that the #1 complaint against most Real Estate professionals is that they don't communicate. Clients report that their agents waited days to respond to messages, didn't answer phone calls, and failed to present pertinent information regarding their transactions. This is bananas in my opinion. With technology being what it is we are now more connected than ever and I am here for it! That means you will always know how to reach me: Text, call, email, DM, carrier pigeon whatever works for you. Obviously, I need to sleep sometimes and I do make it a point to be present with my clients during every appointment or call so I may need some time to get back to you (especially in the wee hours), but I can guarantee that if you reach out I'll be there for you, just like the Rembrants. 


  • My job is to be your advocate - Once you select me to be your Realtor your priorities become my priorities and it's you and me against the world. You've heard of attorney-client privilege? It's kinda like that, once you pick me to represent you you have a professional on your side with your interests and goals in mind.


  • I'm Local - A lot of websites out there collect a lot of information regarding the national housing market. They scrub deed transfers, they mine for mortgage data, and they send you unnecessary information about buying a property that could conflict with local real estate practices. Different states have different laws and regulations governing real estate transactions and because the real estate market is constantly changing those rules and regulations can change too. Beyond that, I'm in your community talking to prospective home buyers and sellers every day which means I have a much better pulse on what is happening in our area than someone reviewing a spreadsheet in Seattle.  

So now comes the "how" bit. I am able to provide these guarantees because I want to serve my clients in a way that most Agents are not. By that I mean I want to serve my clients in whatever way they need. My job is not to be a gatekeeper guarding information until the day you are ready to sign a contract or to just show up at closing to pick up a check.

My job is to collect as much information and experience as possible so you don't have to. My job is to listen to your real estate needs and find a solution that works for your unique situation. My job is to provide counsel and to facilitate you in making the best decision for your family.

I do this by asking genuine thoughtful questions about what you are looking for in your next home, what you love about the place you live now, and if you could turn your last home into your dream home what would that take? These questions give me a clear picture of your needs and allow me to save you time, money, and headaches.

If this is the kind of service you are looking for in your Realtor give me a call or send me a text 502-324-3375! If you aren't genuinely convinced I'm here to help we'll part ways as friends with zero commitments or hard feelings. Thanks for reading! I look forward to working with you!